Tuesday, April 9, 2013

What You Say vs. What You Mean

This'll be short. 

No real explanation required.

I may or may not be serious with some of these.


"What you say."  (What you mean.)

"Here, try these flies out."  (Here, these are the B grade flies.)

"That rod's a good value."  (That rod sucks, but it's cheap.)

"That stream can have it's good moments." (That stream is one of my favourites.)

"Nice cast."  (Finally...)

"Nice mend!"  (Ugh, limp wrist...)

"Just a few little brookies in there."  (I'll never tell you where or when to catch the browns.)

"Yeah, sure, let's go fishing sometime."  (I really hope I never see you on the water.)

"You should check out X River." (You should go fish with the rest of the tourists.)

Let's let that fish rest for a second."  (That last cast totally put the fish down.)

"Set!" (Why the f%$# aren't you setting the hook!?)

"The drive isn't that bad."  (Make sure to have 2 full-size spares.)

"It isn't that far."  (I have no idea how far it is.)

"This place is supposed to be really good."  (I was definitely fed a line of BS.)

"No one fishes here."  (Don't tell anyone, or I'll kick your ass.)

"That trout is right there, behind that rock, in the seam.  See?"  (Where the hell are you looking??)

"Lets go check this creek out."  (Hey man, let's go see if we can bring up one or two sweet trout.)


  1. Ha! Some of these sound really familiar to me. (means, hey did you steal these from me?)I'm still laughing.

  2. Howard, what would I do without you!?

  3. Nice read (no, I don't mind if you use the title of my book for your blog)