Thursday, April 24, 2014

Streams of Consciousness III

Luck is a word we throw around fishing a lot. Usually speaking of luck, we speak of bad luck.

"That was a nice fish. Must have been some bad luck to have it pop off at the net."

"Boy, that's some bad luck to have a storm rollin' over them hills as we were gearing up."

And the worst, when your buddy calls you from the salmonfly hatch only to be stuck in that meeting months in the works.

That's the bad luck, but what could be considered good luck usually gets chalked ups solely to skill. Alright, I am sure skill has a lot to do with the many factors that lead to a successful fish catching day on the water, or landing the trophy fish of a lifetime--but how many untold chance circumstances lined up for it to come to fruition?

Who planned the bluebird weather on the day you and your three buddies planned to hit the stream together? Who organized precisely which beats to take? Which skill set do you possess to have the trout pick your artificial over the natural right beside it?

I believe the adage that we can create our own luck in most areas of life, but why when we fly fish do we only create good luck? When you loose that fish it is because bad luck popped your hook out, not a dull point. Did the fish just not bite, or did they think your #14 Parachute Adams fished all day was a size too big? Is it a wind knot or a tailing loop knot? Are the fish very spooky, or do you walk with the delicacy of a wrecking ball?

People who fly fish are the luckiest people I know. We are lucky to have something to slow down. To absorb. To enjoy.

Not only that, but i consider myself lucky to have the people I share it with. My brother; our father; our friends; and the newest addition to my fledgling clan: my daughter.

Next time you are out. Don't think about the bad luck you are having and how your extreme prowess as an angler overcame all odds. Count your blessings, and pass one on to share in the luck.

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  1. “Chance favors only the prepared mind.” Louis Pasteur