Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Top Ten Signs You May Be A Fly Fishing Snob

Where does your mind go when you can't fish because the weather is the shits?  Obviously, the rational thuing to do is bitch and moan about the state of fly fishing, and all the snobby crap that happens.

Okay, so some of these infect me, others I've seen, and some are pure BS.

10. You only gear fish when you're desperate
9. The value of your fly gear is higher than your renter's insurance coverage.
8. You refuse to wear outdoor clothing that isn't made specifically for fly fishing.  (Isn't The North Face or MEC good enough??  Answer, Yes, it is.)
7. You refuse to buy Cabela's or Berkley brand fluorocarbon (in bulk) because they aren't "fly fishing specific," even though they clearly show the diametre in mm and work as well as anything else...
6. Your favourite dress shirt is either Simms or Orvis.
5. You'd rather get skunked with a dry fly than fish a nymph, wet, or streamer, even when you know it's the best shot. (I've never understood this.)
4. You bitch about and refuse to use any gear made anywhere in Asia. (Many Korean produced rods are pretty damn sweet. Hardy-Greys, anyone?)
3. If your hand-tied  flies aren't identical, you'll give the mismatches away as "seconds." (Do the fish really count 5-ribs on one nymph, and 6 on the next?)
2. You think that wearing a fly vest is outdated. (Only geezers and newbies wear those now, right?)


1. You refuse to travel and fly fish without hiring a guide. Ever.

Happy ice out and pre-runoff everyone!